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Candice Swanepoel in another erotic topless Victoria’s Secret photoshoot

Dirty Teen Celebrities gives us a sassy and just lusty young Victoria Secret’s angel for this week’s episode! It’s beautiful pics of young super model Candice Swanepoel while looking like a A-class blonde bombshell for this summer’s ad campaign of the famous lingerie brand. Apparently Victoria Secret is trying to seel the idea that being a two-piece bombshell isn’t a negative thing. It is a lifestyle and what a way to justify just that by having the beautiful young fashion model Candice Swanepoel pose in a variety lingerie and bikinis as well as promote some cosmetic products. Bombshell as a lifestyle eh? I can dig that, as long as they keep publishing sensuous pictures of young tiny titted models like Erin Hearthterton!

I just hope I meet the stud who thought of this summer campaign ad for Victoria Secret. I mean the sheer talent of that person to sell the idea that a super model bimbo is a great thing to be and even have a young celebrity tart like Candice Swanepoel act like one is just recomendable. Not! That was me being sarcastic. How hard is it to tell a burning hot young model to act like a nimbi in lingerie and bikinis? But hey at least we get to see this leggy young fashion model’s burning sexy bikini and lingerie pictures right?

If you want to see more scorching sexy young super models, Hollywood stars and other innocent young public personalities getting sensuous, acting naughty and just going wild, check out Dirty Teen Celebrities today!